How to use Redeemable Coupons

I have achieved a CKA certification and got Redeemable Coupons. Now I want to enroll in
the CKS exam and use this coupon. But I can not find somewhere to use this coupon. Any suggestion?


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Hi - Thank you for reaching out. You will receive the 50% coupon after you’ve earned 245 more points (see text at the bottom of the offer). Here’s a link to the page with all of the information! I hope this is helpful. Tux Rewards - Linux Foundation - Training. Thank you.

Hi @Nero, welcome to the community :wave:.

Thanks for the link @Mary_Simpkins seems straightforward!

Do you know if there will be any other training rewards coming in the future?

Hi Henry! Happy Monday! We have promotions once a month and the rewards are calculated based on a learner’s spend. When a learner spends $500+, they get a 50% coupon! Hope that is helpful but please feel free to reach out any time. The link above provides all of the details on the Tux Rewards program and learners can check back for promotions. Mary

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Happy Monday indeed @Mary_Simpkins! The link above was very helpful :smiley: .
Just curious, is there anywhere the monthly training promotions are posted?