How to apply for LF Event Travel Funds

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A travel funding request is a formal request made by an individual or group to a funding source, such as an employer or organization, to pay the expenses of attending an event, such as travel, accommodation, meals, and registration fees.

  • The request includes a detailed budget and justification for the request.
  • The funding source assesses the request based on various factors, including budget and significance to their objectives.
  • The decision to approve or deny the request depends on the funding source’s evaluation of the request.

To apply for the new fund requests, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Individual Dashboard login page.
  2. Enter your login credentials and sign in. For more information, see the Sign in to Your Account page. If your login credentials are correct, you will be directed to the main dashboard or home page of the web UI.
  3. From the left side navigation pane, navigate to EVENTS>LF Events.
  4. On the MY EVENTS page, click the Travel Funding tab. Click the New Funding Application CTA to access the application page.

  1. On the Travel Funding Application page, scroll down and check the event that you want to attend. Click the Select button to choose the event. After selecting the event, click Next.

You can select the event by using the Filter by Name, Time, and Location search buttons given at the top of the Travel Funding Application Page.
  1. On the Terms and Conditions page, read the terms and conditions for the visa application and click Next.
  • Click the Cancel button if you want to cancel your new travel fund application.
  • Click the Previous Step button to go back to the event selection page.
  • For questions, please contact
  1. On the About ME page, fill out the following information to complete the application:
  • I am applying for: From the drop-down, select if you are applying for yourself or for someone else.
  • Attendee Type: Select whether you are attending the event or you are invited as a speaker.
  • LFID Username: It will be the default ID by which you logged in to the Individual dashboard.
  • First and Last Name: Enter your name if you are applying for yourself else enter the name for who you are applying.
  • Email Address and Company: Enter your email address and the company name if you are applying for yourself else enter the email address and company name for who you are applying.
  • Can you receive funds from your organization?: Select from the drop-down.
  • Link to your LinkedIn, personal website, or GitHub page:
  • If you checked Partial Assistance above, please explain what the company will or will not pay for: If you select that you are getting partial help from your company, then explain in the text box.
  • Briefly describe the ways in which you are involved in technology and/or open source communities, and why you’d like to attend this conference: Enter your justification in the text box.

Travel Fund Request Status

Once you submit your request, you can see your application status on the Travel Funding page. It takes 3 business days to get your status updated.

  1. Once your request is approved by the event team, you can see the status change as Approved on the Travel Funding page.

Travel funding FAQ:

Does every event offer travel funding?

No, not every event offers travel funding.

What is paid in travel funding?

Airfare and hotel. No other transportation or meals.

How do you decide who gets travel funding?

We base our decision on applicant needs and diversity, as well as their contributions to the open source community related to the event.

Can I apply for other people?

Yes, you will need all of their information, including their LF account username. They will see the application status in their Individual Dashboard and you will not be able to see the status on their behalf.

Can I communicate with the LF events team about my application?

Yes, in the application confirmation email, you receive from Hubspot, there are instructions on how to contact the events team.

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