Feature idea - tracking "watchers"

I love this part of the LFX Organizational dashboard…


But one thing we miss is “watchers” - folks that might sign up for a mailing list or chat channel, but not post; more just watch. I wouldn’t call these folks contributors, but it does speak to an organization having interests and trying to get a sense of discussions. Could we add that?

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Hey @John_Mertic I think this would be a good addition.

UI-wise what would you propose to be best?

Having the aggregated count of subscribed “watchers” for the project in total, or would it be better to show the “watchers” from the organization for the project under active memberships or discover new projects. It may also be possible to show collaboration metrics from Insights for a project filtered for the organization under a new tab in the membership summary.

I believe if Organizations can see how many of their employees are subscribed to mailing lists or engaged in chatting channels it can help them gauge organizational interest for a project.

@Nadia_Shomali any thoughts?

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I was envisioning it being a separate column next to Contributions and Contributions in the image you provided. Additionally, under the ‘Discover New Projects’ tab would include projects with ‘watchers’, but ordered after those with contributors

@John_Mertic got it thank you! I’ll communicate with @Nadia_Shomali and we’ll be sharing our roadmaps soon!