Enhancement request: remove extraneous CCLA corp console nav items

  1. In the CCLA corporate console, there is a “Manage Organization” navigation element which appears to take the user to an earlier version of the Employee management we’ve built out in Organization Dashboard, except that it isn’t using our newest logic for employee<->organization affiliation (by email address, NOT based on what the user puts in as the company in their Ind Dashboard). We should remove this navigation element

  2. In the project search, we return projects which have no CCLA, for instance when I search for “CNCF”, I also get “CNCF Binary Project”. Projects without CLAs have no need to return in the search results in the CCLA corp console.


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Thanks for bringing this up @emsearcy.

@David_Deal would you be able to assist with this?

We’ll need to create a feature request for the CLA Corporate Console team.

Thank you @David_Deal :slight_smile:

Although… upon taking a look at EasyCLA corp console, manage organiztion in the left hand navigation keeps me in the EasyCLA dashboard.

Maybe it got updated already. @emsearcy are you still able to replicate this?