EasyCLA Authorizations

A question from the community:

When EasyCLA is set up for a project, is it correct that EasyCLA authorization covers a specific project repo, and not all repo’s covered by EasyCLA?

If you have already signed CLA for a project, then you don’t need to sign every time to contribute to the project. Signing a CLA for a project covers all code contributions to that project. You may, however, need to sign additional CLAs if you choose to contribute to other projects that require CLAs.

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In general a signed CLA applies to all repos for that specific Project. There are a couple of weird exceptions out there perhaps, but that that is the rule of thumb. A signed CLA is not transferrable across Projects however.

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What Kenny said is right. CLA is enforced on all the repositories that are part of the CLA Group for that project. A project manager (who sets up CLA Group) could choose to not enforce CLA on some GitHub/GitLab repositories.

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