Do you consume open source media? [Podcasts & Videos]

Hello everyone,

We have created this new category to share open source media we find great! From podcasts to videos or even a great blog let’s share content we consume that we find pleasant and insightful.

I am a big fan of podcasts. Finding a good podcast series is like finding a great new artist or a new favorite show you enjoy.

Open source is comprised of projects that work across many different technologies or industries. Still, one thing that remains constant in Open Source, whether the blockchain or 5g network technology, is that people are involved in making the open source projects succeed. People play a significant role in open source, and each person has a story we may not see by just looking at metrics.

The Untold Stories of Open Source | The Untold Stories of Open Source ( is an amazing podcast that tells the stories of various people in our LF open source community.

I’m a former HUGE PC gamer from Counter Strike 1.6, CrossFire, Quake, and Doom. I was introduced to open source before I knew it was open source because I had a slow PC, and I would join forums where I would utilize code to mod the graphics of open source games on PC.

Open source allowed me to play games on my slow PC at the time. Hearing the story of Royal O’ Brian and how he became successful in the gaming world leveraging open source was very interesting and shows how other Organizations can leverage open source to fast-track innovation in their industry.

He spoke on the value of learning how to talk to others at a young age as a “bench tech,” where the knowledge of diversity and opinions.

“It doesn’t matter how much you think it can’t happen; you just have to work at it.”

Royal took a group of people from different places that do other things to meet a common goal. He mentioned that “there’s potential in everyone. You have to harness it, and once you do, you can make a lifelong friend, but most importantly, you can make an impact in the lives of people far greater than you can ever reach by yourself”.

In the podcast, Royal explains how he accomplished this.

As a community, I’m sure we all consume great unique content; I am a big fan of The Untold Stories of Open Source podcast. I am also a fan of Snacks, a finance and stock market podcast, and Pivot, a sports mindset podcast.

Do you listen to any interesting podcasts or do you have any videos that others in our community would enjoy?

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