Actual CLA is not avilable in the CLA signing process

When I sign a CLA I would like to see the actual text of the CLA what is signed. Currently Easy CLA does not show the CLA nor provides a link to the CLA. At least before the “Are you authorized to sign this CLA on your company’s behalf?” question what I must answer with No before we can review the CLA.

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Hi @GergelyCsatari thank you for your suggestion. Are you referring to the Corporate or Individual CLA here?

@David_Deal I believe we are able to see the CLA signed if you are a corporate signator for the organization, I don’t have visibility into signing a test CLA, when are signators able to see the CLA they are preparing to sign?

This may be something where we have to look into our CLA workflow.

I want to see the CLA before I sign it.
It is correct that I can see CLA-s we already signed, like this:

But I do not have access to the CLA before the signature

Hello @GergelyCsatari I have direct messaged you a copy of the Sylva Corporate CLA for your convenience. I was unable to post it publicly here because it was a pdf file.

Typically, the CLA is presented for review from the contributor’s workflow from the git repository. Since Sylva is not yet using the bot check, it’s unavailable in this manner.

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Thanks for the Sylva CLA.
Sylva is the 2nd project where the CLA is not displayed. PyTorch was an other one if I remember correctly. I think it would be a very good feature to link to the CLA from Easy CLA.

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